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Dell Laptop

How can a User Check his Dell Laptop is Genuine or Not?

There are only a couple of things you have to check when you get your portable PC, because each time you’ll just get the genuine thing if you purchase new electronic item from authorized distributors and dealers The majority of the laptops are really genuine products and you need to check whether warranty is void,

Secret Behind Small Slot In Laptops That We’ve Never Used

Secret Behind Small Slot In Laptops That We’ve Never Used

In one of the tremendously anticipated keynotes in January 2003, Steve Jobs had stated, “this will be the time of the note pad for Apple”. The genius was referring to the tremendous rise of laptop in the market and couldn’t have been more right. While cell phones keep on most possessed device, laptops are an



If you have a working admirer and it is properly connected with notebook computer motherboard and by bad luck decades spinning as usual. First of all aim to update laptop BIOS of course, if still nothing fixed and then come down to CHIP STAGE treatment of laptop. Now only two thing you can do to


Tips to Fix Motherboard Problem

Our computer got turned on Sometimes, but our displays demonstrate nothing and give us any blank display, “no signal” or “Check video cable” error. In that case there are variety of possible issue which generates that’s problem and avoiding your computer to boot up typically. If the computer doesn’t show you virtually any sign of

now computer will identify you are criminal or not

Now Computer Will Identify by Face that You are Criminal or Not

Similar to a more crooked version in the Voight-Kampff test from Knife Runner, a new machine understanding paper from a pair of China’s researchers has delved to the controversial task of enabling a computer decide on your chasteness. Now Computer can Identify Criminal Face. In their paper ‘Automated Inference on Criminality making use of Face

NAND SSDs for laptop

Intel launch internet featured with new 3D NAND SSDs

3D NAND innovation – which permits cells to be stacked vertically, enhancing thickness and expanding limit in littler limits – has immediately moved from the bleeding edge of strong state stockpiling to an inexorably standard component of new drives. Samsung is utilizing it as a part of the uber limit SSDs it as of late