05 Sep

How to Solve the Issue of Slow Speed of Laptop or Desktop?

Is your laptop performing slowly? Do you actually need to sort out the matter of slow speed of laptop? Through the reading of this article, you may recognize the way to will fix this downside. At here, we are going to produce a few of the information in order to

29 Aug

What to do When your Laptop’s Touchpad Stops Working

When your laptop’s touchpad stops responding to your fingers, you’ve got a downside. Have you ever tried to use a Windows PC without a mouse, touchpad, or alternative pointing device? It’s all but not possible. If the matter just started, reboot your pc and see if that fixes it. (Yes,

08 Aug

How to fix Dell Laptop Touch-pad Issue in Windows 10?

Having issues along with your laptop touch-pad since upgrading? We tend to have some troubleshooting steps: As we have to mentioned countless times elsewhere, whereas Windows 10  is nice the upgrade method has not gone smoothly for several folks. One of the more common complaints we’ve seen  and one that we’ve

01 Aug


Like different portable workstations our Dell will likewise have dark screen & Flickering issues. You’ve got to know the explanations for this mistake and also the routes by which you can manage it. The dark screen mistake is a basic specialized blame that represents a real danger to your system.

25 Jul
Flickering Laptop Screen

How to Fix a Flickering Laptop Screen

Laptop computers have LCD displays that are sensitive to several things. LCD displays have faults that generally manufacture a flickering screen, lines, dots or a faint show. These screens are sensitive to magnetic fields or electronic items close to the computer. Speakers, cell phones, lights and other electrical items are

18 Jul

How to Install Two (2) Hard Drives on Single Laptop..?

In this Blog, I’m going to indicate you that how to install 2 HDD Drives on Single Laptop. This post is during the minority on web internet pages, and it’s the most effective manner to increase data space or install multiple operating systems such as; Windows, macOS Sierra, Kali Linux,

04 Jul

How to Remove the Dell Bios Password

The startup operation on Dell PC is controlled with the help of BIOS. You can set the password to lock the BIOS and the system won’t start the bootstrap process unless an appropriate password is entered. This feature is used to prevent the access from unauthorized users until you don’t

27 Jun
Diagnostics on Dell laptops

How to Run Diagnostics on Dell laptops

It may take long time to run the diagnostics and we mostly start it at end of day so that it will run whole night. Reboot the system and press F12. You can see the Dell screen which shows before the Windows screen. In case you miss the screen then

19 Jun

How to Fix a Dell Laptop that is not Charging

When you plug in the laptop, you can see the glowing LED indicator light. Sometimes, you will get no glowing light or no battery charging. There are several steps between the wall outlet and battery which can fail. They are easy to fix with a new battery. 1.Are You Plugged

19 Jun

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

You can find the Dell warranty status and warranty Information using following steps 1.Warranty Status and Warranty Extension If you want to find the warranty status then go to Dell Warranty Support Site. Enter the tag and then click the Submit button. You can fill the captcha to see the warranty