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08 Aug

How to fix Dell Laptop Touch-pad Issue in Windows 10?

Having issues along with your laptop touch-pad since upgrading? We tend to have some troubleshooting steps: As we have to mentioned countless times elsewhere, whereas Windows 10  is nice the upgrade method has not gone smoothly for several folks. One of the more common complaints we’ve seen  and one that we’ve

25 Jul
Flickering Laptop Screen

How to Fix a Flickering Laptop Screen

Laptop computers have LCD displays that are sensitive to several things. LCD displays have faults that generally manufacture a flickering screen, lines, dots or a faint show. These screens are sensitive to magnetic fields or electronic items close to the computer. Speakers, cell phones, lights and other electrical items are

19 Jun

How to Fix a Dell Laptop that is not Charging

When you plug in the laptop, you can see the glowing LED indicator light. Sometimes, you will get no glowing light or no battery charging. There are several steps between the wall outlet and battery which can fail. They are easy to fix with a new battery. 1.Are You Plugged

05 Oct

How Does DDR3 and DDr4 are unlike?

We are starting to see a truthful variety of DDR4 memory options on the market however DDR3 is still, through far, the go-to RAM. DDR4 is currently confined to Intel’s X99 platform and excessive processors, that are extra costly, and now not a whole lot higher for gaming, than the

27 Sep

Fix Laptop Wifi Knowing the Right Tricks

Facing problems with your laptop’s wifi? You can easily fix it that helps you to carry out your activities without any interruption. So, you can use your laptop’s wifi in your favorite coffee shop or anywhere else with complete peace of mind. The problem can be under your fingertips and

10 Sep

Laptop Frequent Power off How to Fix It ?

A laptop shutdown hassle is most probably because of overheating, usually because of dust buildup within the case, and around the heat sink fan. I endorse that you try to get rid of dirt by hook or by crook. The exceptional manner is to put off the top or backside

08 Sep

How to Stop Your Laptop Overheating ?

With laptops getting heated over and over again, there is a need to pay notice to it. At times, it happens that laptops keep getting switched off at regular intervals. Apart from this, they tend to reboot at regular intervals. With these problems, users tend to get irritated and their

12 Aug

Get Your Laptop Repaired at Your Home

Computers are an indispensable part of our life. Need help to solve computer issues? Some small issues like spilling a drink on your laptop or fighting viruses, etc may need a small help. You may go through some good blogs or videos to solve major laptop problems. You should do

08 Aug

Free Pick up and Drop off Laptop Repair Services

A reputed laptop repair service has well-defined facilities that are provided to all the customers. They usually follow a systematic procedure in customer interactions and have well – trained personnel with soft skills. Their technical expertise helps in dealing properly with customers and clients as well as maintaining discipline and