19 Jun

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

You can find the Dell warranty status and warranty Information using following steps

1.Warranty Status and Warranty Extension

If you want to find the warranty status then go to Dell Warranty Support Site. Enter the tag and then click the Submit button. You can fill the captcha to see the warranty information. If there are multiple products then click My Products and Services. This link will provide access to warranty information. There is My Account login which will access the tool. If the tags are in CSV file then uploading and display of warranty information will take only 5 to 10 minutes.

If the warranty expires at 11:59 PM GMT on the End Date of warranty period. You can convert GMT to local time then you can use online time-zone which is easily found by internet search. You can select the closest major city which will show the time zone based on Time Zone Offset then add or subtract number of hours to local time.


If the area is in Daylight Saving/Summer time, the Time Zone Offset will be referenced one hour less. It is referred to as Coordinated Universal time or UTC.


  • The location is near Berlin.
  • The Warranty expires on: End date (GMT time zone) is July 10, 2015 until 11:59 PM GMT.
  • The Time Zone Offset (hours) is GMT +1
  • The warranty expires on: End date (Berlin time) is July 11, 2015 until 12: 59 AM.

2.Warranty Plans Description

  1. You can view the Service Contact Page for Consumer Customers to view the services the warranty on your system has and the support which is entitled to.
  2. You can select the country of your system which was purchased in the list provided. It will open new page to see the warranty service options available in the region.

3.International Warranty Support

These four methods of engaging technical support when travelling internationally:

  • Call the call center of the country in which you’re travelling
  • Call the call center of the home region while abroad.
  • Call the International queue at 512-728-7424 toll call. You can call 800-285-1653 if you are in US or in Canada.
  • If You are in India you Can Call +91-9953577416

4.Expired Warranty Service

You can troubleshoot and repair the warranty systems which may be possible on a chargeable basis.

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