19 Jun

How to Fix a Dell Laptop that is not Charging

When you plug in the laptop, you can see the glowing LED indicator light. Sometimes, you will get no glowing light or no battery charging.

There are several steps between the wall outlet and battery which can fail. They are easy to fix with a new battery.

1.Are You Plugged In?

You need to ensure that the laptop is actually plugged in. There is no software tweak or repair in hardware which can make the battery work on. You need to check AC adapter brick and ensure that the cords are fully inserted. The battery should be properly seated in the compartment with no fault in the contact points.

2.Lose the Battery

You can check the integrity of the battery and try to plug in the laptop.

3.Breaks, Burnout and Shorts

You can feel the length of the power cord and to repair any kinks or breaks. The ends of broken connection may be chewed up by a pet or caught in a vacuum cleaner.

4.Check the Connector

When you plug the connector, it should be strong. If it is loose then it may be possible that the power jack is broken. If there is any discoloration, burning smell then it should be repaired.

5.Beat the Heat

When the system is shut down then it may cause overheat in battery and cause fire. If the temperature rises then the battery sensor may fail. When the system cools down then it may clean the air vents which is unobstructed.

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