27 Sep

Fix Laptop Wifi Knowing the Right Tricks

Facing problems with your laptop’s wifi? You can easily fix it that helps you to carry out your activities without any interruption. So, you can use your laptop’s wifi in your favorite coffee shop or anywhere else with complete peace of mind. The problem can be under your fingertips and you simply need to know the rick to get a proper solution. Therefore, you can fix laptop wifi without any difficulties knowing you can start using accompanied by all smarter features.

laptop wifi not working

Here are given the following points reading you can discover the important facts how to resolve the issue without wasting much of your valuable time. In this way, you use your laptop wifi at your office, airport lounge anywhere that makes you feel good.

Tips to Follow

  • First, check your laptop getting the wifi button/switch or you can search the problem at the wifi’s router and thus can fix the problem within minutes. You may have switched off the button accidentally due to which you are not able to get connected.
  • Still, if you continue facing the problem, reboot your system after which you may find the issue has been resolved. If your PC’s WiFi adapter or the router is having a firmware problem rebooting fixes them and you can start using your laptop easily.
  • Usually the wifi routers and devices make use of 2.4GHz radio band with 11 channels in the US. Among these 11 options only 3 channels can run simultaneously without overlapping each other. Hence, you should take proper care altering the wifi channel on the router ensuring a perfect functionality.
  • If you are facing the problem only when you are at a distance from the wireless router the problem may be arising on the router’s coverage zone, which should be fixed efficiently. Make sure that the router is not blocked and its antennas are getting proper upright position. If the position is not right the signals may degrade faster than the usual ones. You can thus place the router in an open place that helps the signals to traverse freely.
  • Restore the router’s settings to factory defaults if you continue facing trouble with connectivity. However, restoring to factory defaults erases the entire setting value and you may have to reconfigure the connection settings.

After following all these steps, if the problem still continues you should contact with a laptop repair center for best results.

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