18 Jul

How to Install Two (2) Hard Drives on Single Laptop..?

In this Blog, I’m going to indicate you that how to install 2 HDD Drives on Single Laptop. This post is during the minority on web internet pages, and it’s the most effective manner to increase data space or install multiple operating systems such as; Windows, macOS Sierra, Kali Linux, Chrome OS, and CentOS.

How will we tend to Use 2 Hard Drives?

This question could come to everybody’s mind for the primary time. Applications, software, and tutorials’ size increasing day by day. These things would like a lot of information house. Sometimes, one hard disk isn’t enough for operating system itself and data storage. You might would like the second laborious drive. In this bit by bit guide, you may learn how to set or install 2 hard drives on one laptop.

Note: To install 2 Hdd disks in a very laptop so it should have CD/DVD Rom. It’s solely potential for those laptops that have CD or DVD ROM. If your notebook doesn’t have it, it’s not visiting be work.



Before moving ahead, you would like to get these things. These are the foremost vital requirement that you want to have them. Without an HDD Caddy, Hard drive, screwdriver it is not visiting be done.

  • HDD Caddy
  • Hard Drive or an SSD
  • Screw Driver to open the laptop’s CD/DVD-ROM

HDD Caddy is that the vital one that you need to have it because it is the tool that makes this happens. You’ll notice the entire tools link in the outline down below.

Install Two Hdd Drives on Single Laptop

Step:1 Currently unpack the HDD caddy

Step:2 Pick up your Hdd drive, and fix it into HDD Caddy. Push it a small amount closer to the SATA port to create positive that SATA connector is absolutely connected to the arduous drive and put it one side for now.

Step:3 Take an appropriate screwdriver for your system then flip your Laptop and remove the screw of your notebook’s DVD-ROM. One screw simply plugs my one, and it’s too easy to open, however you might would like to open the entire background of your system then find the CD/DVD Rom screws.

Step:4 When you took out the screw, and then simply pull out the DVD-ROM by pushing it outside of your laptop.

Now take away the cover from the CD/DVD Rom. Also, get off the HDD Caddy cover, and it’s suggested to set this protection to your CD/DVD Rom to stop it from simply damaging.

Also, you have to line the quilt of DVD Rom to HDD Caddy.

Now Place the HDD Caddy rather than DVD Rom.

Don’t forget to screw the nut back to the place and create it secure from falling. So it is time to check if the second drive that put in is operating or not. Just Power on your system and log in to your Windows. Right-click on Windows icon or press Windows Button + X on your keyboard and select Disk Management.

Now you’ll see that here it shows 2 Hard Disks, Disk zero which is 232.87 GB SSD and Disk one that I installed simply now is 1 TB (Terabyte) HDD.

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