16 Jun

Secret Behind Small Slot In Laptops That We’ve Never Used

In one of the tremendously anticipated keynotes in January 2003, Steve Jobs had stated, “this will be the time of the notepad for Apple”. The genius was referring to the tremendous rise of the laptop in the market and couldn’t have been more right. While cell phones keep on the most possessed device, laptops are an indivisible piece of today’s work culture. Also, the good thing is, there is dependably some things to find out about them.

Regardless of how much we consider our self-expert in using and understands our laptops. Have you ever pondered what is that Small Slot in Laptop other than USB port? This little spot may be situated on right or left half of USB port. All things considered, you’ll need to read the entire post to find the purpose for that little slot in a laptop.

We are Talking About Laptop


Do you realize that this data is critical as though you are using your laptop in public zones you have to think about this? Any speculations?

Well, Let Us Explain What the Slot is For?


Did you realize that this little spot helps us to save the laptop from any sort of robbery? Yes, you can spare your hardware along with software as well.

All things considered, these slots exist for clients to utilize a laptop lock to prevent these costly and convenient gadgets to be stolen.

Keeping in mind there are many brands assembling such locks, Kensington is the primary manufacturer of such security slot anti-theft systems henceforth, the slots are regularly called the Kensington Slots.

The little gap for the slot goes through the laptop’s exterior and connects to the inner metal panel to provide strength to remove the lock which makes the device unusable.


The  K lock or K slot , the Kensington lock is little gap found on practically every Laptop made after the year 2000. This opening is found on either the back corner of the portable PC or side depending upon the make and produce; in any case, is normally set apart with the logo appeared to one side. Laptops with a Kensington lock opening can secure their compact gadget with a Kensington lock. The lock is inserted through the opening with a cable that can be connected around a table leg or other secure area, so nobody can take your laptop while you’re away.

You Will Find A T – Shaped Knob in the Lock.

T -Shaped Knob in the Lock

The system of the lock is that it has a T-formed handle that turns 90 degrees after insertion into the slot. A cable that is connected to the lock key, which wraps around an immovable object, for example, a pipe or desk and it must be opened by inserting a similar number that was before set.

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