24 Dec


If you have a working admirer and it is properly connected with notebook computer motherboard and by bad luck decades spinning as usual.

First of all, aim to update laptop BIOS of course, if still nothing fixed and then come down to CHIP STAGE treatment of laptop. Now only two things you can do to make laptop working again.

1. Check sensor and +voltage track from fan connector, find out the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT fan PWM controller routine, CPU fan supply arises from output section of fan PULSE WIDTH MODULATION circuit and this circuit not just a similar kind for all notebooks and notebooks basically +5 voltage required on Vcc pin to spinning lover and to find out Vcc green of CPU fan study my previous post simply no CPU


Check CPU fan operator circuit and it’s all Cort Corrientes resistor or small coils in circuit with a basic OME meter or continuity meter coil and merge should show zero continuity on their surface and if simply no continuity, found the open component you can bypass them using a unshielded Cooper wire then. sure it will work if other things are OK again

And also unfortunately no any coils and fuse you entirely on fan controller section and then just resold this section making use of hot air-gun and check out other components of fan PULSE WIDTH MODULATION circuit if possible at your very own way: )

2. You now try all you best nevertheless have the same problem and then now a good news to suit your needs because we can power up notebook CPU fan Immediately without using PWM controller routine.

just found out the +5v track on motherboard local fan supply track, hook up the fan Vcc green with +5v track making use of shielded thin wire jumper on motherboard and some moment you can make your fan living as just remove only often the sense pin of admirer from its connector in the event + five volts is readily coming on the power pin connected with fan.

Now your admirer will start working but it initializes spinning in the same acceleration nonstop till often the laptop is on. Although doing this thing please concur that which supply given to admirer directly by a jumper that’ll be generated after you turned on a notebook computer. Further for any assistance, you may visit laptop service center in gurgaon.

have a good luck: )

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